Jasmine Santillian-Jimenez RN,BSN


Please notify the school nurse or school personnel of any illness or medical condition for which your child is being treated or monitored.

A parent, guardian or designated contact will be notified immediately to pick up a child from school who presents any of the following conditions:

    • Signs or symptoms of a communicable disease that cannot be contained at school;
    • Localized rash causing acute discomfort or systemic rash of undetermined origin as a sign of potential illness;
    • An oral temperature greater than 100 degrees. All students must be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication before returning to school.
    • Signs or symptoms of acute illness, serious accident/injury;
    • Vomiting (not related to a single event such as gagging, positioning, mucus, running after eating, or eating spicy food);
    • Diarrhea of two or more loose watery stools;
    • Asthma symptoms that do not respond to prescribed medication or no prescribed medication is available for treatment of asthma symptoms;
    • Diabetes with a blood sugar greater than 400 and positive ketones or inadequate supplies to treat diabetes at school;
    • Uncontrolled coughing;
    • Pink eye or purulent conjunctivitis (defined as pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge). The student must receive treatment for 24 hours before returning to school or provide a note from a health care provider stating that the condition is not contagious and the student may return to school;
    • Live head lice (defined as live insects or nits closer than 1⁄4 inch from the scalp before treatment). The student shall return as soon as possible after treatment.

    According to the assessment of the School Nurse, if staying in the classroom is counterproductive to the student’s education, or the safety and wellness of others, a decision may be made to send the student home.

    If a student returns to the Nurse's Suite multiple times with the same complaints, he/she will be sent home.

    The parent will be expected to come for the child within an hour or a reasonable time agreed upon with the nurse or school personnel. In the event the parent, guardian or designated contact cannot be reached, a parent conference may be held at the earliest opportunity to establish correct contact numbers, school district expectations and parental responsibilities.

    Any additional guidelines necessary for special needs students will be addressed in the Individualized Health Care Plan.

    In the event of a student medical emergency, school personnel may call 911, and the student may be transported to a medical facility via ambulance. The cost of services provided by ambulance, private physician, clinic, hospital, or dentist remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian and will not be assumed by the Elmwood Park School District or any district employee.

    The New Jersey Child Protection Services requires school employees to report any issues of child abuse including medical neglect to Child Protective Services.

    It is our goal to provide a safe, healthy environment that promotes learning for all students.