Nancy Cooney

Ms. Cooney
Third Grade Teacher
Gantner Avenue School

I am a graduate of Saint Peter's College and New Jersey City University.
Here are some helpful Reading Comprehension tips:

Reading nightly will help strengthen vocabulary and comprehension skills.
Choose a variety of chapter books from different genres.  Read other material such as magazine articles from Time For Kids and National Geographic for Kids. 

1. When reading the weekly stories, always refer to The  Essential Question.
 The a Essential Question of the week is: What do traditional tales tell readers about life?

2.  Study your new vocabulary word definitions and reread the weekly story several times a week.

3.  As you are reading, think of  Thick Questions.  Thick questions require the reader to think and search for the answer.  Why do you think...?  How would you feel if...?  What might...?

Use your Post It Notes to write Thick Questions as you read.

Write down unfamiliar vocabulary while reading and define the words.

4.  Always have a good chapter book to read.  Choose books from different genres....realistic fiction, fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, drama, etc.

Ms. Cooney
ELA Teacher
Third Grade