Yessina Benitez


 Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! My name is Yessenia Benitez and I will be your child's Spanish teacher this year. We are beginning an exciting journey together as your child learns more about other languages and cultures around the world.  Your child will receive Spanish instruction once a week for forty five minutes session.

 Learning a second language is an exciting opportunity that is very useful in today's diverse world.  My goals this year for your child include helping him or her to develop vocabulary and knowledge of key phrases in the Spanish language and to help him or her to appreciate cultural differences between our culture and those of Spanish speaking countries around the world. We will be learning in many different ways including singing, role playing, games and hands on activities.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

¡Muchas gracias!

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 Supplies :

1-2-3 Grade ____ folder
4-5 Grade   _____ notebook and folder

Daily Schedule:

Mondays: Sixteenth Avenue School 

Mrs. Adamo       ----------------- 2nd grade
Ms. Cohen         ----------------- Kindergarten
Mrs. Cascetta     ----------------- 2nd grade
Mrs. Rossetti       ----------------- 1-3 grade
Mr. Bacigalupo    ----------------- 5th grade
Mrs. Sammarco    ----------------- 4th grade

Tuesdays: Sixteenth Avenue School 

Mrs. Hansen      ------------------ 1st grade
Ms. Matijakovich -----------------  3-5 grade
Mrs. Freyer         ------------------ 3 rd grade
Ms. Martin         ------------------ 4th grade

Wednesdays: Gantner Avenue School 

Mrs. Burniston    ----------------- Kindergarten
Mrs. Kittaneh       ----------------- 1st grade
Mrs. Sporillo       ----------------- 5th grade
Mrs. Vandermast  ----------------- 1st garde
Ms. Stubaus       ------------------ 4-5 grade

Thursdays: Gilbert Avenue School 

Ms. Francica      ------------------- 3rd grade
Mrs. Mc Ivor      ------------------- 2nd grade
Mrs. Murray       ------------------- 1st grade
Mrs. Hayton        ------------------- 1st grade
Ms. Schweitzer   ------------------- 5th grade
Mrs. Cornely        ------------------- 4th grade

Fridays:  Gilbert Avenue School 

Ms. Fitzpatrick     ------------------ 3rd grade
Ms. DiPetrillo       ------------------ 1st grade
Mrs. Alouidor        ------------------ 2nd grade
Mrs. Gawrylo        ------------------ 4th grade

Please check student's portal for weekly homework, assignments and projects.

Weekly Study
3/27/2017 -3/31/2017

4th and 5th grade: Classroom Objects/Home Furniture
Translate the following vocabulary words.

3rd grade: Fruits
Complete the Fruits word search.