Be a Bucket-Filler!

Bucket-Filling is a character education program that promotes positive behaviors, a culture of respect, and a powerful approach to anti-bullying in our schools. 

What is Bucket-Filling?
* Actions or words that show you care about someone
* Giving someone a heartfelt smile
* Helping without being asked
* Showing respect to others
*Saying or doing something kind
*Giving sincere compliments

 Throughout the school year, students are consistently recognized for filling buckets. Students are encouraged to demonstrate these positive behaviors on a daily basis, in order to promote a respectful school climate for all. Students who are "caught" filling a bucket by teachers, principals, faculty/staff are rewarded monthly on our school bucket-filling bulletin board, in which their name and act of kindness are displayed for all to see. At the end of each month, students receive a token of appreciation and have a chance to be entered into a prize drawing, in which one monthly winner is announced. The more buckets a student fills, the greater chance of earning the reward. As with academics, parental involvement is key to helping your children develop good character. Encourage your child to be a bucket-filler at home and around the community, as well!

If you would like to learn more about bucket-filling, please visit the
Bucket-Fillers website: www.bucketfillers101.com

Recommended reading: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud