"The Power of One"

"The Power of One"
- Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013

Motivational speaker & Miss Iowa 2013, Nicole Kelly, visited Gantner Avenue School to deliver a very powerful message about hope, empowerment, and tolerance to our students. Ms. Kelly was born without her left forearm, however, has never let her physical difference get in the way of defining who she is. It has been her mission to connect with as many schools as possible, throughout the country, to share her positive message with others and to encourage students to embrace the power we all hold within ouselves. 

Students enjoyed connecting with Miss Kelly and asked such insightful and inquisitive questions! Both students and staff left us with some very positive thoughts and lessons they have learned, based on the experience:

"Some people are different. Just because you look different on the outside doesn't mean you are different on the inside." - Jakub Stankowski (4th grade)

"If I see someone being mean to others who are different I would say to them that the only person you're hurting is yourself." - Robert Kukla (4th grade)

"Have respect for others who are different from you. If you see someone who doesn't have many friends, be their friend and stick up for them if someone is hurting them.

Nicole D'Andrea (5th grade)

"Nicole Kelly was an amazing speaker and my students really understood her powerful message!" - Ms. Carullo (4th grade teacher)

"It's what's on the inside that counts." - Elena Trotter (2nd Grade)

"Even though she only has an elbow she can still do a lot of things that everyone else can."
Amber Byron (2nd grade)

"Nicole's 'Power of One' assembly was fantastic. My students were inspired by her message and to see an adult who has overcome obstacles that someone of them face.  One student in my class also has the use of only one hand and it was helpful for him to see that someone like him can still do the same things as others, just a little differently." 
- Ms. Cypher (K/1st Self-contained teacher)