Dress Code

Shirts – Each day, students must wear a plain, long or short-sleeved, white, gray or scarlet/red polo shirt with a collar. The shirt should have no brand-affiliated logo displayed on the front chest, collar, sleeve, or any other visible area. No stripes or designs of any fashion can be displayed on the shirt. Students may only wear collared shirts with Elmwood Park logos if so desired (not required). Shirts must be long enough to ensure that the midriff is not exposed, but not so long that the entire pants pocket is covered. The shirt must also be buttoned sufficiently to prevent unacceptable exposure.

Pants – Male students must wear khaki, gray or black pants. Female students may opt to wear khaki, gray or black pants, a khaki, gray or black skirt or khaki, gray or black skort (skirt or skort can not end more than two (2) inches above the knee). All students may wear khaki, gray or black shorts or khaki, gray or black capris between May 1st and November 1st.  

No jeans, sweat pants, spandex or stretch pants are permitted. Low cut pants that lead to exposure of undergarments or an exposed midriff are not permitted.

Cold Weather – students may choose to wear a gray, white, or red sweater or red, gray or white fleece during cold or inclement weather days. These articles of clothing may not include a hood.

**Students are not permitted to wear hats or outerwear during the school day.

Uniform Policy:  Physical Education Considerations

Elementary students in grades K-5 will be permitted to wear a gym appropriate uniform to school on the day physical education class is scheduled.  It is recommended that students wear a white, red or gray T-Shirt, shorts/sweats, and sneakers. Sweatpants and shorts should be the uniform colors - either black, gray or khaki.  Sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended for outdoor activities.  Jewelry and team uniforms are not permitted.